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Shimoda Biotech (Pty) Ltd.
This was the first company that Bioventures invested in. Shimoda owns proprietary drug delivery technology which enables novel drug development It is also involved in a number of therapeutic drug discovery areas. Shimoda has 2 out-licensed drugs in late stage clinical development and a third compound is about to commence trials with the aid of a soft loan through the Cape Biotech Trust (one of the government BRICs). These three compounds are currently undergoing clinical trials according to FDA (Federal Drug Administration USA ) or European protocols. Shimoda has also successfully raised second round financing since the Bioventures investment. In addition to these late stage products, Shimoda has an extensive pipeline of compounds at various stages of development.

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Darren Shur:

Amandla Water Systems (Pty) Ltd.
Amandla Water has an exclusive license to a waste water bioremediation technology originally developed by the Water Research Council and Mr Piet Meiering. The name of the technology is PETRO (pond enhanced treatment and operation). This technology is currently being commercialized in Botswana , South Africa and Australia . With the renewed focus on sanitation in countries such as Botswana , Angola , Mozambique and South Africa , Amandla Water is well placed to provide home grown technology that is ideally suited for the African continent.

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Charles Polson:

Disa Vascular (Pty) Ltd.
Disa Vascular is a medical device company that develops and produces stents for cardiac and other arteries. Stents are small scaffolding type devices that keep previously blocked arteries open. Disa's stents have been used in more than 2000 patients and been judged to be one of the best stents in the world by an independent New Zealand survey. Since Bioventures investment, Disa has developed a cobalt chromium stent (next generation material) and is currently doing trials on a drug eluting stent. Disa's products have all been awarded CE marking (European approval) and they will continue to obtain international approval for future products.

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Greg Starke:

Synexa Life Sciences (Pty) Ltd.
Synexa has developed a proprietary bioprocessing technology, known as the Gradostat BioReactor, that enables significantly more efficient and more scalable production of natural compounds and recombinant proteins. In its state-of-the-art production and analytical labs located on the University of Stellenbosch 's Tygerberg campus, Synexa currently manufactures a range of difficult-to-produce secondary metabolites, which it sells through global distributors of research reagents. The company is gearing up to commercialise its core technology, focusing on the global bio-manufacturing market. As with all the Bioventures companies, the technology is home-grown and originally came out of research conducted at Rhodes University and the Water Research Commission.

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Paul O’Riordan:

Electric Genetics (Pty) Ltd.
Electric Genetics is a bioinformatics company that is a spin out from of the University of the Western Cape (UWC). Electric Genetics was set up to commercialise the technology developed by the South African Bioinformatics Institute (SANBI) based at UWC. Electric Genetics develops and sells bioinformatics software to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Electric Genetics has a prestigious client list including large multinational companies.

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Tania Hide:


Mbuyu Biotech (Pty) Ltd.
Mbuyu is a joint venture between Bioventures and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The aim of Mbuyu is to commercialise the CSIR's bio-processing technologies. At present, Mbuyu is in the process of commercialising three technologies two of which have already been licensed to third parties. The Aloesin and Beta-carotene technologies will create small start-up companies to take the products to the market. Both these new companies will be active in areas where there is high un-employment and a need for economic development.

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Paul Abrahams:

PlatCo Technologies (Pty) Ltd. PlatCo Technologies (Pty) Ltd.
This company, jointly owned with Shimoda Biotech, was set up to explore the potential for novel platinum based anti-cancer compounds. Much of the R&D is being performed in association with the University of Port Elizabeth and Prof Jan Du Preez, a world expert on platinum group metals chemistry. Currently, the company has produced a number of potential lead compounds which show improved anti-cancer properties compared to the existing platinum based drugs on the market. The company has also developed a novel process technology to manufacture a leading platinum based anti-cancer compound with sales in excess of $1 billion.

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Greg Gilbert:
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Natural Carotenoids South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Natural Carotenoids South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
NCSA is a natural products company that focuses on the production and extraction of carotenoids from algae. NCSA aims to be a preferred supplier of quality natural beta carotene for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Many natural products, such as natural beta carotene, have greater efficacy and command a price premium over synthetically produced products. NCSA’s plant is based in Upington South Africa and they also have offices in Johannesburg. NCSA takes advantage of the ideal hot and dry climate in the Northern Cape for growing its algae. NCSA is funded by a Cape Biotech soft loan and has obtained support from the local government.

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Bevan Jones