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  Why is venture capital so scarce in South Africa?
12 January 2006
  Bioventures pioneering fund fully invested
22 November 2005
  Bioventures’ eighth investment targets global nutraceuticals market
04 February 2005

One of a kind in South Africa
09 September 2004

  New Fund Manager for Bioventures
06 July 2004

CSIR and Bioventures launch Mbuyu Biotech
03 July 2003

  Bioventures announces Synexa Life Sciences as fifth investment
03 June 2003
  Bioventures announces Electric Genetics as fourth investment
06 May 2003
  Bioventures - South Africa 's leading biotechnology investor
10 November 2002

Biotech fund invests in Cape-based firm
23 October 2002


Wastewater Biotechnology gets Nod from Bioventures
04 June 2002

  Bioventures invests in leading biotech company
23 April 2002
  IFC makes first investment in SA's biotechnology sector
13 November 2001
  IDC invests R20 million in SA's first biotech fund
11 October 2001
  SA's first biotech fund launched
27 March 2001

  Bioventures - Growing biotech business is in our DNA
  Bioventures breathes new life into Biotechnology
  Bioventures proud to announce investment in Shimoda Biotech
  Bioventures proud to announce investment in Amandla Water
  Bioventures proud to announce investment in Disa Vascular
  Bioventures proud to announce investment in Electric Genetics
  Bioventures proud to announce investment in Synexa
  Bioventures proud to announce investment in Mbuyu Biotech

  Bioventures looks for investment returns
25 November 2005

Prospecting for a biotech gem
03 September 2004


SA's budding biotech industry
05 January 2004


Beaker gets a stir
01 August 2003

  Venture funds for SA biotech sector limited
30 July 2003

Invest carefully in biotech field
20 June 2003


SA firms jump on the life sciences development band wagon
21 August 2002

  Shimoda Biotech thinks big after first deal with US firm
29 April 2002
  Cabinet approves biotechnology plan
10 August 2001